New work

Series ' Soft Weather'

'And the tide shall fill your footprints with Light'  150cms x 75cms  Oil on Linen


Series 'Things Fallen'

Things Fallen #2 

 6 panels, each 30cms x 3cms -Oil glazes on Russian Linen


Things Fallen #3: Green winged Pigeon

Oil Glazes on Russian Linen - 3  panels , each 30cms x 20cms

FINALIST Caldera Art Awards 2010

"Sasanqua" - Oil Glazes  on Russian Linen  1.10cms X 98cms


"Camellias" - Oil Glazes on Russian Linen - 120cms X 90cms


'Summer above the Snowline: Mt. Wellington'

Oil on Linen  100cm x 80cm


'A Sort of Co-Existence' - 100cms x 8ocms Oil on Linen

FINALIST Caldera Art Award 2009


Series: 'Produce-d'

"How to Make a Sustainable Soup" - 77cms x 76cms  oil on canvas


Series' Things Fallen'

"Things Fallen"   30cms x 30cms Oil on Linen (SOLD)


Series:Postcards from Bangalow

"The Pit Stop"  40cms x 30cms Oil on canvas